As a Diplomated Yacht Surveyor (MTA) recognized by the University of Portsmouth with 30 years in the yacht industry, 14 Atlantic crossings and more than100.000 sea miles logged personally I have independence, experience, competence and qualifications to carry out any yacht survey.

What is a Yacht Surveyor?

A yacht surveyor is a person who uses their particular skills and experience, based on established competence on yachts to look at, and report on, the factual condition of any yacht.

The most important tools of the Yacht Surveyor are experience, knowledge, independence and honesty. The expert is working for you, it is his job to make sure that the yacht that you are buying, selling or insuring is free of unexpected deficiencies or bad surprises

Why a Yacht Surveyor?

All boats have defects, often unobtrusive or hidden. The yacht surveyor works for his client to find and value them. I can measure moisture on GRP hulls (Osmosis), check aluminiun and steel plate thicknesses, inspect  the entire structure, systems and perform a sea trial to obtain the necessary elements to assess whether the sailboat  of your dreams meets your expectations and avoid unpleasant surprises

The independent and professional expertise of the boat is essential to make a responsible purchase. The inspection report can save you a lot of money in negotiating the sale price and provides you with an exhaustive list of jobs classified as urgent, necessary and recommendable

Roles of the Yacht Surveyor

  •  Works for the buyer or the owner to find out the actual condition of the ship, or part of the ship, to technically assess the possible defects and find solutions. It offers essential information to determine the suitability of the boat and negotiate price
  • Investigates the cause, nature and extent of damages or defects and evaluates the cost of repairs on behalf of the owner or the insurer
  • Proposes technical solutions and repairs to the defects evaluated.


Toni Cases has worked on all the projects around the world in which I have participated as a specialist in the technical preparation of the yacht.
In my first round of the world race, BWR 2015, he directed and coordinated the work and maintenance of the yacht as Boat Captain, and in both Vendee Globe he has also collaborated in the preparation and tuning in different periods.
Having their rigor, transparency and professionalism, as well as their knowledge of the complexities of a ship is a guarantee of solvency and satisfaction in all their actions and work.

Dídac Costa

Skipper One Planet One Ocean Barcelona world Race 2015, Vende Gobe 2016 and 2020

  Toni Casas was from the first day in the project of Imoca 60 Estrella Damm (Pepe Ribes – Alex Pella), in charge of «Systems»: engine, generator, water treatment, batteries, …
Having hired the French boat Paprec Virbac, we settled in her shipyard in Lorient, to learn the dynamics of maintenance by that experienced team, since the good result in ocean races is directly related to the maintenance that is carried out on the different devices.
From the first moment I realized that Toni’s knowledge had nothing to envy the French since from the beginning he took control of the systems and advised us on what we could improve and how to do it.
In an ocean racing vessel it is very important that the systems do not fail as it would mean the withdrawal of the boat, and I can attest that this boat did not suffer any inconvenience in terms of good set-up and consequent maintenance of the systems carried out by Toni.
The fact that Toni is a navigator with a lot of experience, gives him some additional knowledge that makes him the ideal person to know the state of a boat, and know how to assess correctly.

Jan Santana

Team Leader Imoca Estrella Damm Barcelona Word Race 2010

I met Toni athe person in charge of Estrella Damm systems at BWR 2010, four years later, he was my “boat captain” at the Barcelona World Race. His knowledge, rigor and his capacity for work and management definitely made the “One Planet One Ocean-Pharmaton” in optimal conditions to make the round the world without scales and to finish in good conditions and in one meritorious 4th position. I am sure that his experience as a navigator and professional make Toni an excellent technician, who is doubtless the best option to carrry out  a survey or evaluation of a boat ‘

Aleix Gelabert

Skipper Imoca 60 One Planet One Ocean Barcelona World Race 2015

I met Toni a long time ago as my teacher on engines and electricity. Later we sailed together many times. When the day came to buy my first sailboat, I had no doubt to entrust her inspection due to its frankness and great knowledge in all areas of a sailboat. As Toni says, each boat has a “bummer” in some corner waiting for us. After two years sailing in depth, it can be said that the survey was a success, all bummers were detected in the report before the purchase. Thanks Toni!

Ramon Riera

Owner Halberg Rassy 38 Navicula

I bought my sailboat 9 years ago. At that moment, I did not know Toni, nor did I know what a yacht Surveyor was. It would have been very useful to know it as I would have spared some serious troubles.
But, a happy outcome is worth waiting for! Although having the sailboat for some time, his advice is equally precious when I have to decide what elements should be changed before, what improvements are most appropriate both for the sailboat and for my way of sailing.
Nobody should buy a boat without the inspection of a good yacht Surveyor and should always have it close to make all the necessary consultations. Toni is the best thing that can happen to make the experience unbeatable!

Jordi Vera

Owner Puma 34, Xalat